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Hi, I'm Dana-Maria Faneker

a passionate leadership coach, VR expert and, founder of CaptainVR, and co-founder of the VR Coaches. My experience as a sailor on traditional ships has shaped my coaching journey. Since 2010, I have been a professional coach/trainer, and in 2015, I was the very first to implement virtual reality in coaching.

Now I empower millennial businesswomen to achieve their peak potential, guiding them to cultivate leadership skills, master stress management, and enhance overall vitality. Through personalized coaching and innovative techniques, my mission is to help them navigate the dynamic landscape of professional success and personal well-being. Join me on a journey of empowerment, where challenges are overcome, and goals are achieved.

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Leadership Coaching Year Program

Join me on this exciting voyage of
self-discovery & growth. 


Together, let's navigate the seas of potential and unlock the limitless possibilities that await you.

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I help millennial businesswomen succeed globally through my coaching and training.

1. Expertise: I specialize in Leadership, Stress Management & Vitality for overall well-being.

2. Whole-person Focus: I prioritize not just career growth but also the well-being of millennial businesswomen.

3. Innovative Empowerment: I use cutting-edge methods to empower and support your journey.

Dana-Maria Faneker is a VR Coaching pioneer, reshaping the industry with her innovative approach. With successful pilot programs and numerous awards, she's become a leading figure. As an educator, she's shared VR coaching insights with over 1000 people. Dana-Maria is a keynote speaker at major VR events in Europe, establishing her as an expert in immersive technology.

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Together, let's navigate toward a future where you captain your own life.

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Leadership Coaching Program 

Peak Performance for Business Women

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